So um, my best friend’s cousin Olly is having his FTM operation soon and um can you please either donate or reblog this so others can see and maybe donate themselves and i really dont know how to go about this without sounding ungrateful but please help

donate here

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I  d i d  w h a t  I  h a d  t o  d o …

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this isn’t what i want

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Born December 14th, 1987 in the harsh woodlands of Essex, England and raised by a kind family of badgers, young Gaskarth would never have expected that he, a bull-fighter’s apprentice, was destined to grow into the greatest Matador / Singer / Songwriter that the world would ever know! His ventures brought him to the US-of-A on the back of a magically enchanted dragon, where he now seeks to spread his “love-sounds” to the farthest reaches of the universe, while simultaneously defeating the forces of evil at the head of a young pop-punk band, All Time Low!

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The city comes alive when we’re together. Why can’t Thursday last forever? X

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